Your First Visit

What should I expect? How should I prepare?
On the day of your massage, make sure to bathe and wear loose, comfortable clothing. Plan to arrive 10 minutes early to allow time to complete an intake form (if you haven't already completed the online intake form that is automatically sent when you book your appointment), to discuss your symptoms and treatment goals, and to have time to relax before your massage begins. Please turn off cell phones and other digital devices upon entering. You should also remove your jewelry, as it can interfere with a massage. After filling out a brief intake form and discussing your upcoming session with your therapist, your therapist will exit the room and allow you to get comfortable. You will then disrobe to your comfort level. For most people that is their underwear, but we're happy to work with clients who prefer to remain clothed as well. From there, lie on the table and cover yourself with the top sheet. You will always be properly draped at all times, and only the areas currently being worked on will be uncovered. Some work may be done through coverings and/or clothing when appropriate.

Bolsters, pillows, and other cushions can be provided to support your legs and relieve your back, and will generally be placed under your knees when supine (face-up), and under your ankles when prone (face-down). If you're starting in the prone (face-down) position, your head and face will rest upon a cushioned face cradle. Larger or smaller bolsters, pillows, and additional blankets can be provided upon request for your comfort. Our tables also feature warming elements for those especially chilly days.

You may also choose to talk if you wish, or you may prefer to just relax and be quiet. This may vary from session to session too, and that's perfectly fine, don't feel obligated either way. Also, feel free to let the massage therapist know if you prefer more or less pressure or if anything about the ongoing session is making you uncomfortable. It's perfectly acceptable to express your preferences, give and revoke consent for treatment, and give the therapist feedback. At the end of the session, the therapist will step out to allow you to redress and collect your belongings. You will then be met in the waiting area by your therapist for checkout where you will pay for your session and--if desired--book a future session. It is also customary but not required that you tip your massage therapist (industry standard is similar to restaurant wait staff), which can be added to your payment or given separately if you so desire.

Where will my massage session take place?
You will receive your massage in one of our carefully curated massage therapy rooms, complete with soft music and low lighting to help you further relax.

Who will perform my massage?
All of our Massage Therapists are licensed by the Indiana Professional Licensing Board for Massage Therapy. They are each experienced therapists who are dedicated to making you feel comfortable and relaxed. As per state regulations, all of our Massage Therapists are licensed, insured, and adhere to the state's ethical, legal, and professional guidelines, as well as those stipulated by our industry associations.

What is the cancellation and late arrival policy?
We require that you cancel your appointment at least 24 hours in advance. The total amount of the services scheduled may be charged in full to clients who "no show" or fail to cancel their reservation in the 24 hour time period. As a courtesy to our other guests and staff, appointments will be automatically cancelled if you are more than 15 minutes late for your scheduled appointment. You may still receive a partial service if our schedule allows, but you will be charged for your full appointment.

How much do your sessions cost?
We try to keep pricing standardized for the most part for the sake of convenience and simplicity. Most sessions regardless of style or modality are priced according to the duration of the session:

30 Minute Sessions - $55
45 Minute Sessions - $65
60 Minute Sessions - $80
90 Minute Sessions - $105
120 Minute Sessions- $140

Do you offer any sorts of deals or specials?
We offer a number of ways for our clients to help our clients afford the care that they need. In addition to seasonal specials and those offered occasionally through our Online Booking platform, we have a number of standing offers as well:

First Time Discount - For first-time clients, we offer $10 off your first session, just make sure to mention it at the point of sale.

Referral Discount - Anyone you send to us who makes an appointment will receive $10 off their first session and you will receive $10 off your next session as long as they mention you as the one that referred them. Your endorsement is by far the best form of marketing we have.

Membership - For regular, loyal clients or new clients that want to set up a regular wellness routine from the start, we offer a simple, no-nonsense Membership program. You agree to pay for one session at a $5 discount which will automatically be charged to your credit card and any subsequent sessions you book during that month will be discounted at 10% off. Membership credits accrued never expire and there are no fees for starting or canceling a membership.

Rewards Cards - We also offer a Rewards Card for regular clients that provides an escalating discount of $5, $10, and $15 after your third, fifth, and 10th session. Ask your therapist about these, we also encourage you to give them to friends and family as well.

Do you offer "Couples Massage?"
"Couples Massage" usually entails two tables, two therapists, and two clients all in the same room at the same time for clients that want to share the experience. Unfortunately our facility does not have a room large enough to accommodate four people and two tables. If all you're looking for is to book two massages that take place at the same time, however, we can usually accommodate you. You'll just typically need to book far enough in advance that we can find time where our therapists' schedules have openings that overlap.

What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept most forms of payment including Cash, Check, Debit Card, Credit Card, Apple Pay, Android Pay, PayPal (, Venmo (@InnerwavesMassageTherapy), as well as Health Savings and Flex Spending Cards and of course Innerwaves Massage Therapy Gift Certificates and Series Packages which can be purchased here.